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October 17, 2012
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secretplace by nyface secretplace by nyface

inspired my *Meredies
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Majardia Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love love love it! I loved the song you may enjoy the band OSI or Porcupine tree? Have you ever given them a listen? One of my faves.
DrQUESTiiONABLE Nov 25, 2012  Student General Artist
I love this picture so much!!! I love how dark it is, and the detail in the mountains looks fantastic!
thank-you so much!
ProofrockPilchard Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This scene reminds me greatly of a fjord that I once dreamt I was in.
outstanding :-)
princeofnigeria Oct 18, 2012
You could harvest that thing for a max's. Nice job. Stream more.
heck yes hahaha
I'll try and stream soon! I am going to New Zealand in a couple of days so hopefully I can kick my butt to do something before then.
Haaah, I'm only about 2:00 in (dialup heh), but the song's really interesting so far-- very subtle and unique, perfect background stuff. C:

Absolutely gorgeous picture here! Monochrome pictures with a dash of color are always beautiful, even after that old influx of Twilight covers. This one instantly catches the eyes, with the deep shadows and soft light as well as soft foggy look at the top of the mountains. I also like how the mountainsides are so crisp and realistic, yet the figure looks like something out of a cartoon. Great contrast there. :) The only critique I can offer would be to add more definition to the second-closest rose petal, to draw even more focus to it. My eyes keep going to the mountains instead, haha!

Overall though, beautiful work on this one. You should keep working with this cutesy stuff, it's really a good style for you. <3
It is a great song! I have listened to it so many times, and there is always a different story or something that I can get from the music. 8:00 onwards is some of my favourite stuff ever.

Oooh Ribbons I've missed your comments! I actually blurred that petal, so I might have overdone it (I was sitting there undoing and redoing the blur for ages trying to decide which one I liked more haha) so I might play around with it some more next time I have photoshop open. Thanks so much for the input!

I definitely want to work with this style more, I find it a lot more enjoyable.
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